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MegaSPEED Web Accelerator for Macintosh  -

Quick Installation for 10.2x and above

  MegaSpeed Mac OS 10.2 and above - download

  1. Download MegaSPEED.dmg, and locate the file on your computer. In most situations, it will be on your desktop. Note - some of the actions below may be automated for you, you may be able to skip some of the steps down to number 5.

  2. Double click on the MegaSPEED.dmg icon. This will create and open a volume named MegaSPEED Web Accelerator on your desktop.

  3. Double click on the MegaSPEED Web Accelerator.pkg icon located in the newly created volume.

  4. Follow the on screen instructions to complete the install of the MegaSPEED Web Accelerator. Please note if you are not logged in with administrative access, the installer will prompt you for the administrator username and password. You must supply this to continue with the installation.

  5. After following all on screen instructions, the installation program will inform you that it is done. Click Close in the lower right corner.
  6. You will need to enter your Email Address as your Account Name (sometimes labelled Username) in your dialup settings. Go to the Apple in the upper left hand corner of the screen, click on it and pull down to System Preferences. Double click the Network icon. Click on the PPP tab: go to Account Name and enter your whole email address, example:   Click on Save or Apply Now. Close the window. You may now begin using the MegaSPEED Web Accelerator.

  7. The MegaSPEED Web Accelerator should automatically start. If you are not logged in with administrative access, it will prompt you for the administrator username and password. You must supply this so the program can make required modifications to your network settings.


  1. To use the MegaSPEED Web Accelerator, you will need an active dial up connection. After insuring you have a dial up connection established, locate the MegaSPEED Web Accelerator icon in your dock at the bottom of the screen or in the Applications Directory on your computer. If you need to start the accelerator, double click on the icon.
  2. Open your web browser and go to any site on the Internet. If you did not provide an administrator username and password during the initial setup, you may be prompted for one at this time. If you receive any other messages when you attempt to use the accelerator please refer the Macintosh MegaSPEED Troubleshooting or Frequently Asked Questions. You can verify your connection is being accelerated by watching the MegaSPEED image on the status screen of the accelerator program.

  3. To adjust the image quality of the MegaSPEED Web Accelerator, simply slide the bar located on the Images tab of the accelerator program. The two sample images on that screen will change to show you how images on websites will look at the current acceleration level. When you are done adjusting the image quality setting, click the Apply at the bottom to save your changes.

  4. To discontinue use of the Accelerator click on the red dot in the upper left hand corner.