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IndyLink - Your Independent Alternative for Internet Access

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A key aspect of IndyLink's mission is "to promote civic involvement and democratic dialogue." An actively-engaged citizenry is part of the larger vision IndyLink supports, in which a community can act together to overcome the effect popular culture has in slowing progress toward a more just society.

As IndyLink founder and executive director Wally Bowen once wrote, "One step toward this larger vision is the awareness that our popular culture is political, and that its meanings must be critically and relentlessly challenged."

Now is the time for such criticisms and challenges. IndyLink presents this set of resources you can use to Be Heard, Be Informed and finally - Be a Voter!

Be heard

The Issues and Action section presents action alerts on a wide range of current issues from organizations large and small across the political spectrum.

A non-partisan (though for-profit) politics and policy portal. The Issues page offers directories of links from various ideological perspectives as well as individual issues such as the environment and free speech.

The Institute for Policy Studies is the nation's oldest multi-issue progressive think tank. Since 1963, the Institute has worked with social movements to forge viable and sustainable policies to promote democracy, justice, human rights, and diversity.


The League of Women Voters provides links to forms, deadlines and questions related to voter registration in all 50 states.

Provides backgrounds, position statements, voting records and more on candidates and elected officials. Their National Political Awareness Test is a non-partisan questionnaire sent to candidates designed to elicit clear positions on important issues.

A guide to money in U.S. elections. Use search tools to find out who has given money to specific candidates and elected officials.